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Hello All,

Despite the circumstances I am very excited to be back with SLP for the Fall of 2020. Below are some guidelines and instructions in place to protect SLP Athletes when receiving treatment in the Athletic Training Room.

  1.   Proper personal protective equipment (Mask) must be worn for all patient care
  2.   Social distancing must be maintained as applicable
    1. The number of students will be limited in the athletic training room, (please be patient!)
    2. Those waiting outside the room will be asked to please maintain social distancing.
  3. Daily sign-in sheet is mandatory for contact tracing, you will not be treated without sign-in
    1. To include name
    2. Sport
    3. Time in/time out of athletic training facility 
  4. Tables will be sanitized between patients
  5. Equipment will be sanitized between patients (ie. foam rollers, rehab equipment, modality attachments, etc.)
  6. No contact with the ice machine. If you need ice, please ask!
    1. Ice from machine due to multiple contact points should not be used for water bottles, and to limit contact and exposure, only AT will get ice.
  7. Ice baths only for emergency use
  8. Positive COVID cases must be reported to the school and medical staff. Return to play requirements must follow MDH and CDC guidelines.


Fall Hours will look a bit different, but to provide service to all fall sports participating, and athletes not participating but still requiring treatments and evaluations the hours will be as follows:


First Week: M-F: 8am ~4pm

Second Week: TBD, check website hours, coaches will be informed via E-mail.


Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns,


Josh Brodersen


TRIA Orthopedics

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