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Good Places To Rollerski

Elm Creek (25 min) Lots of high-quality trails through beautiful Elm Creek. Mostly smaller rolling hills but a few big hills too. Similar to Elm Creek in the winter but significantly more kilometers.

Baker Park (25 min) Decent trails similar in quality to Louisiana Oaks or the Ceder Lake Trail. Constant rolling hills. 

Highland (20 min)

Cedar Lake Trail (In SLP)

The Greenway (In SLP)

Louisiana oaks (In SLP)

River Road Excellent trails on both the Minneapolis side and St. Paul side. Lots of very flat sections to work on form as well as a couple of big hills. This spring they converted the road alongside the trail into more trail. Many of the bikers now use the road which means there are way fewer bakers on the trail! At Annie Young Meadow there is a fantastic hill to do a hill workout on if desired. Since most of River Road is closed for bikers to use, here are three good places to access the trail!

Wabun Park: (25 min)

Lake Street and Mississippi river: (20 min)

Bracket Park (20 min)