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Lettering Policy and Expectations


There are two ways to letter;
1. Time in 1 event (see standards below)
2. If you are a senior who has been on the for three years.

Event Time Standards
200 Free 2:10.5
200 IM 2:27.5
50 Free 27.0
100 Fly 1:10.5
100 Free 58.99
500 Free 5:55.00
100 Back 1:07.80
100 Breast 1:16.10

Varsity Section Meet

  • We are allowed only 4 swimmers per event (except relays were we can only send i), and the 4 fastest will go. If it is a close margin to who's fastest, coaches will have final discretion as to who gets to swim.
  • All final decisions will be made at the coach's discretion.

Swim Team Expectations


All swimmers, coaches and parents will have a positive attitude and show good sportsmanship at all times. Nobody wants to beat the nice guy, as a team we will work hard together and give each other constant encouragement. Having a great attitude will make everyday fun and rewarding.


The Coaches will determine the line-up for meets. Participation on a relay in one meet does not guarantee a future spot on that relay. Varsity events, individual and relays, will be swum by the fastest swimmers, but a swimmer can be removed from varsity to junior varsity for reasons of poor attendance or attitude.
To be eligible to participate in a meet, an athlete must be present in school the day of the meet, and must have participated in practice the day before the meet. If you miss practice the day before with an unexcused absence, you may not compete.
It is high school policy that students must ride the bus to and from all meets. The only way you will be allowed to go home with parents is if you have filled out a form available in the athletics office, have it signed by your parents, and turned back in to the athletic office before the meet. Coaches can no longer take responsibility for athletes leaving separately from the team.


Athletes must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the High School in order to remain eligible for the team. This means juniors and seniors must keep a cumulative GPA of 1.5 or higher. Freshman and sophomores must have 13 credits by the end of freshman year. I strongly encourage good academics, if you are having trouble with a class please talk to the coaches and we can arrange to get help from your teachers.

Alcohol and Drug Use

There will be a zero tolerance in any form or amount!


1. Each swimmer is expected to attend all after school practices, and Saturday morning swim practices.

2. EXCUSED ABSENCES: Illness, medical appointments, religious commitments are excused absences. Please let the coaches know in advance if you are going to miss a practice.
-If you are absent from school all day, you are excused from practice that day. Illnesses developing at 2:30 are not excused. If you come to school, come to practice.
-Please bring a parent note for all missed practices.
-If you make up an exam or work with a teacher after school, that is excused, but you must bring a note from the teacher stating that you were there.
Please try to schedule those things during an open hour or before school, so you don’t have to miss practice.

3. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: Homework, haircuts, music lessons, club meetings, dates, baby-sitting, and work are unexcused absences. Unexcused absences will reflect meet line ups.

4. TARDIES AND LEAVING EARLY: Be on deck, ready to go at 3:15 we will be in the water @ 3:30.

If you are unexcused absent from practice immediately preceding a meet, you may not compete in that meet!

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