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Students must maintain progress toward graduation (46 credits earned) at the following credit benchmarks at the conclusion of each semester of their high school career.

9th grade first semester — 6 credits

9th grade second semester — 12 credits

10th grade first semester — 18 credits

10th grade second semester — 24 credits

11th grade first semester — 29 credits

11th grade second semester — 32 credits

12th grade first semester — 39 credits

A student who does not meet these minimum requirements may be allowed to continue to participate by fully participating in the “Athletic Academic Support” program.  

The “Athletic Academic Support” program consists of:

  1. – A pre-meeting between the student, their parent/ guardians, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, grade level coordinator, high school counselor, and, if on an IEP, the students case manager.
  2. – Development, agreement and execution of an individualized academic support plan. This may include, but not limited to, scheduled check-ins, daily progress forms, structured before/after school support.
If a student is deemed to not be making sufficient progress towards graduation, they will not be eligible to participate.

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