We have high expectations for our student-athletes - player accountability and personal responsibility are critical components to our success. Players should:

  • SELF –Take responsibility for your health (fitness, sleep, eating right)
  • EQUIPMENT – Responsible for your equipment (sticks, gloves, helmet, mouth guards, etc)
  • ATTENDANCE – Accept accountability for attendance and timeliness for games, practices
  • ACADEMICS – Maintaining eligible GPA to play high school athletics


Attendance Etiquette

  • Players are expected to be on-time and attend all practices and games. (This means every single player must be fully equipped and ready to take the field by the time practice begins.
  • Absences without prior communication diminishes the team community
    • Should a player plan to miss a game or practice, they are expected to contact Buckley or Siguenza via text or email by 8pm the night before the game or practice.
    • Players that miss a practice, game, or are unduly late, due to an unexcused absence will miss the first quarter of their next game (1st offense), two quarters (2nd offense), and entirety of game (3rd offense). 
    • It is the coaching staff’s discretion of whether an absence is ‘Excused’
  • If a player is not at school for at least four periods (school rule), they will not be allowed to participate in any team activities that same day.
  • All players are expected to take the bus to and from competitions.
    • Exceptions can be made if there are extenuating circumstances, but these need to be arranged in advance of the competition and with a note from a parent.
  • For Home Games, Varsity players not playing in JV games are expected to watch the first half of the JV competition to support the team.


Report Cards

  • Report cards will be reviewed during the second week of practice. We will follow school eligibility requirements, but being a student is the first priority and we want to be part of the conversation.
  • We will have player check-in periodically throughout the season. We ask that you maintain or improve your grades during lacrosse season. If we do not see this, we will have a case-by-case discussion with the player to put together an action plan. 


Substance Abuse

  • We have zero tolerance for substance abuse from our student-athletes.
  • We will follow the High School’s and MSHSL Guidelines to address any violations.
  • There will be additional team responsibilities added for the offending students on a case-by-case basis.

Varsity Letter

We recognize that Lettering can be an important point of pride for our student-athletes. We would like to reward a Varsity Letter to any of the following:

  • Any Senior that has played for SLP High School for at least two full seasons
  • Any player that has completed the following:
    • Played in at least four (4) varsity games in a season
    • Played in at least eight (8) quarters varsity games in a season
    • Started a varsity game
    • Played in a Section Playoff game
  • Any player that the coaching staff deems deserving of a varsity letter for their on- and off-field conduct.