Daily Equipment & Attire

-Running shoes that fit properly and are not worn through. Are your current shoes missing most of their original tread? If so, it's time for new shoes.
-Water bottle(s). We are typically near a water source, but it is not guaranteed. Also necessary for hydrating during the school day.
-Appropriate attire. Some days, temperatures may be near freezing with a chance for snow. And on other days the heat index could exceed 100 degrees. For practice, coaches can make concessions with athletes' comfort and safety in mind, however, practicing in adverse conditions is necessary and will be required within reason. For meets, if the organizers do not cancel, you can be sure we will be there ready to compete. Athletes absolutely need warm-weather compression and outerwear. For cold-weather outerwear, it is necessary to have either one set of clothes that are both windproof and waterproof, or one set for each purpose. Hat and gloves are also highly recommended. Wear layers to meets! Athletes should be completely comfortable when sitting between events.
-Uniforms are provided by the team. Team warm-ups are also available for athletes' use.

-Wristwatch with chronometer. (Required for distance runners.)
-Event-appropriate spikes. (All Varsity athletes should have a set of spikes.)
-Long compression tights and top. (For cold weather, but effective in any conditions.)