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Adding or Dropping Activities or Sports


Students interested in forming a new group should secure the assistance of an adult advisor (preferably a member of the high school staff) and see the activities coordinator for the form to complete explaining the request. There should be at least 15 members who have indicated an interest in the group at the time that the request is brought back for consideration. All activities must be scheduled on the school calendar and have an advisor present at all meetings.

Dropping an activity is done by the Principal when it is determined that there are not sufficient numbers of students who are active members to maintain the organization. Any group which is dropped from the list can be reconsidered if student interest is high and if students wish to follow the procedure described above for starting a new activity.


Secondary students will be surveyed at least every other year to determine interest in interscholastic offerings. The information collected through student surveys will be used to identify potential additions to or deletions of interscholastic offerings. Students also may initiate consideration of interscholastic program changes through petitions directed to the appropriate Athletic Director demonstrating substantial student interest in a particular activity.

Potential interscholastic activity offering additions/deletions will be judged on all of the following criteria:
  1. There is substantial interest and ability to sustain a viable team as determined by the District.
  2. It will substantially address an imbalance in participation rates by males and females (gender equity).
  3. It is a conference sport or there is reasonable expectation that it will soon be.
  4. It is sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) or there is a reasonable expectation that it soon will be.
  5. There is availability of appropriate facilities as determined by the District.
  6. There is availability of qualified coaches as determined by the District.
  7. Resources are available to implement and sustain the cost as determined by the District.
Interscholastic athletic activity programs may be considered for deletion when any of the above criteria are no longer satisfied.

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