Welcome to the SLP Girls Soccer Season! This information packet was developed to provide players and parents with information regarding the SLP Girls Soccer Program and expectations for the season. Additional materials will be distributed to you or your daughter as the need arises.

Athletic Office

Athletic Director: Andy Ewald  952-928-6118
Assistant Athletic Director: Shawn Budolfson 952-928-6026
Secretary: Bridgid Hoppman  952-928-6027
Athletic Trainer: Jeremy Sheppard  952-928-6197



Benjy Kent
(h) 952-417-9708
(w) 612-330-1366
(c) 612-877-1369

Junior Varsity

Stephanie Aumann

(c) 952-240-1311

Junior Varsity B



952-928-6118 952-928-6026 952-928-6027 952-928-6197

Varsity Assistant

Brad Brubaker
(w) 952-928-6261


Luis Miguel Ocampo (c) 612-598-1790

The St. Louis Park Girls’ High School Soccer Program provides student-athletes the opportunity to develop individually, and as part of a team, in a competitive soccer environment. Players at all levels, and particularly at the varsity level, need to be prepared physically, technically, tactically and psychologically for the intensity of what is typically a 5-6 day a week program

Team Placement:

There are no requirements outside of the season. We do recommend that those who wish to play at the varsity and JV level join a club team early on and get involved in school S & C program. Students who play higher-level club soccer are more likely to make the varsity or JV team, but there are no guarantees. Playing time is earned through hard work, technical skill, effort to improve, and the ability to be a total team player (on and off the field). Everyone who tries out for SLP Girls’ High School Soccer is, typically, given the opportunity to participate at some level. The coaching staff is available to discuss these issues and to give suggestions as requested.

Coaches Expectations
- Registration for fall soccer begins before school lets out in the Spring. Returning

players must complete registration by August 1. Players may not try out until they have been cleared by the SLPHS Athletic Department to participate.

  • -  Try-outs will be held the first week of preseason. Players will be evaluated in four different areas of the game: technical, tactical, physical and psychological.

  • -  Players are expected to be at all try-outs, practices and games. If you need to miss practice/s or games, you must notify your coach prior to the practice and/or game.

  • -  Unexcused absences from practices or games will be dealt with by the coaches on a case by case basis. IT IS THE PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT THE COACH WHEN SHE DOES NOT ATTEND A PRACTICE OR GAME.

  • -  Players are expected to prioritize their calendar as follows:

o Family (emergencies, health etc...)
o School (academic program)
o Soccer (other extra-curricular)
o Everything else (friends, work, vacations, etc...)

  • -  Player and parent conversations with coaches regarding playing time, positions, discipline, rules, team issues, etc...are welcomed, but need to be arranged by appointment.

  • -  A mid-season academic progress report may be conducted for any player at the request of a parent or coach. Passing grades and regular attendance are expected. In some cases, this may be done more frequently.

  • -  Players must attend at least 4 periods of the school day in order to play in a contest the same day. For example, you may not stay home sick, and still play in a game that afternoon or evening. Please plan appointments accordingly.

  • -  Individual coaches may issue their own set of rules and expectations for the team to follow in addition to these.

  • -  Teamwork, Respect, Dedication, and Self-discipline are required on and off the field. Each player is a program representative. It’s a privilege to be part of this program and with it comes responsibilities.

  • -  Each player will be expected to read and sign our “Team Rules” outlining expectations over and above the school district and MSHSL rules. These will be passed out at the start of try outs.

    Earning the Varsity Letter
    Letters will be awarded to an athlete who participates in at least half of the games in a season at the Varsity Level and to athletes who complete 4 years of SLP high school soccer at other levels. Unique circumstances may result in the letter being awarded by the coaching staff.

    Regular Season Practices

    After the first week, teams will train individually. Prior to the start of school, times may vary from morning to afternoon and early evening. You can expect to meet two hours a day at either the stadium or LAO.

    Once school begins practices will be scheduled at the following locations and times may vary, but are typically:

    Varsity @ SLP Stadium/LAO 5:00 – 7:00 pm (some early mornings 6:30 – 8:00 am)

    JV, JV-B and Freshmen @ LAO 3:30 – 5:30 pm
    A more detailed schedule of events will be handed out at our spring meeting in May and again the week of try-outs.


    Games will begin the week after try outs for all levels, this is prior to the start of school. The teams will play their home games on the designated fields. Game schedules are posted and updated on the web site. You can get schedule changes emailed to you via the school website. Under “Calendar and Directions” use the “Notify Me” link to sign up for electronic communication from the school for your daughter’s team.

Standard Game Schedule
Varsity H.S. Stadium Mon-Fri 5:00/7:00 pm

Sat 11:00am/1:00pm JV, B and C Squad Louisiana Oaks* Mon-Fri 4:30 pm

Players may NOT change on the bus or at the field, use the locker room at the school.

Alternative Transportation
This allows the coaches and players to address issues so that we may begin processing the game prior to practice the next day. In some rare cases, your daughter may need to get a ride home from you at an away game, you must complete an “Alternative Transportation” form and have your daughter turn it in to the Athletic Office the day before the game. Forms are available to download off the website under “General Information” The forms need to be presented to the coach and the player must ride with her parent(s)/guardian. Players can’t go with another family member or family member of another player. The form is good for the entire season.


The school provides each player with a uniform (jersey). Players are expected to purchase various accessories (socks, shorts, sweatshirt, warm-up...). Please contact coaches if you have questions regarding the care and cleaning of the uniform. Players not returning school issued uniform/s in reasonable condition will not be allowed to register for future sports at SLPHS until the appropriate fine is paid. The cost of replacement is significant. Ordering an individual jersey (buying, shipping, printing) can be $50-75 and warms ups much more.

Each player must provide her own cleats, shin-guards (approved by the Nat’l High School Federation or NOCSE, age and height), a ball and a water bottle. We recommend a back pack so to accommodate jogging/walking to the fields.

The season starts in August when it is typically very hot and ends in October when it has gotten quite cold. As the season gets colder a long sleeve shirt to wear under the uniform might be a good idea as well as sweats, hats and gloves as appropriate. The MSHSL has rules about what color the undergarments are, which are enforced at all levels.

Team Apparel

Each year the captains may decide on a piece of apparel and/or an accessory item as a form of spirit wear for the players to purchase. Information and order forms will be available from the captains during the first week of practice. Although players are encouraged to purchase the team apparel, this is an optional purchase and not a requirement. In general, sweats (worn for multiple years) may be $75, shorts $25, t-shirt $15, socks $10.

Game Day Dress Codes

The captains set the dress code for school on the game days to bring unity and school pride to the team. Each team is allowed to set a team dress codes three times during the season. The options are as follows: one day spirit wear, one day of dressing up in fancy clothes (blouse and skirt) and one day of jerseys with slacks or shorts. Captains will contact the Athletic Office to ensure appropriateness of each dress code.

Fundraising and Community Service

Some fundraising is needed to help pay for senior night, end of season banquet, and other program expenses. Each year the coaching staff works with the captains parents to evaluate program reserves and planned expenditures. Typically, there are about $75-100 in expenses per player not covered by the school district. We have used a combination of small/large fundraisers as well as asking each family to make a contribution to the program of $50-75. While

some years may involve significant fundraisers, other years may focus more on community service. We try to do some of both each year.


The girls parents will be running the concessions for the boys’ home soccer games and vice versa. These games are either immediately before or after the girl’s varsity game. Working the boys game keeps everyone free to watch our girls varsity. However, C and JV parents should note that the boys games may conflict with the girls C or JV game, so when signing up to work the concessions, be aware of games you don’t want to miss. A sign-up will be handed out. Every family is required to sign-up for one game ... then add it to your calendar.

Pasta Parties

The Teams enjoy a number of Pasta Parties during the season. They are held after the varsity practice the night before a game. All teams are encouraged to attend these food fests. Parents are encouraged to sign up in groups (suggesting 3) to host the party and split the cost and share the work. A sign –up sheet will be available at the parent meeting. Ask for the “Planning a Pasta Party” sheet for suggestions. The host does not have to cook!

Senior Night

This is a special night to recognize all of the seniors in the program and their parents for their contributions and achievements. Recognition takes place at a varsity home game, typically late in the season, with a reception following the game in the school cafeteria. The Junior girls and their parents organize the event. All teams are encouraged to attend. Check the Soccer Calendar.


At the end of the regular season play the Varsity team will participate in a Section Tournament to try and qualify for State. Check the MSHL Soccer Calendar for dates.

Tournament Team

The Tournament Team (22 players and 2 student managers) are selected from across the program. Players invited to participate are expected to attend all team functions: games, practices, pasta parties, etc.


A banquet is held at the end of the season for players and their families. All the girls high school soccer teams and players will be recognized and the season celebrated. It is usually held the first part of November.

Questions?? – WWW.GOPARK.ORG
The SLPHS Athletic Office maintains a complete website for all sports and team related issues game and practice times will be listed on this site. The address is WWW.GOPARK.ORG. Once at the website follow the thread: Programs, Fall Sports, Girls Soccer and you will find all the info you’ll need. This information is updated regularly by a soccer parent and stays current w/photos, scores, updates, etc. This is also the place to get directions to away games, find schedules, phone numbers, etc. If you think of information to add to this site please let us or the Athletic Department know.