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Welcome to St. Louis Park High School Girls’ Soccer Program!

St. Louis Park High School is home to the Orioles and a competitive girls’ soccer program consisting of:

  • Varsity:  Team which represents the school in the Section and State Tournament.
  • JV: Junior Varsity team, prepares players for Varsity competition.
  • C Team: 7-11th grade team (primarily 8th and 9th graders), developmental team, players who are new to HS Soccer.

Coaching Staff Contact Information:
Varsity Coach, Benjy Kent: Phone 612-877-1369 or
Assistant Varsity Coach, Brad Brubaker, , 612-747-3281
Assistant Varsity Coach, Lydia Brubaker, , 612-210-6081
Asst Coach, Becca Brubaker,,612-723-8127
Asst Coach, Taylor Trout, , 209-624-6650
Asst Coach, Kelsey Tatarek, , 612-207-5023
Athletic Training Room (ATR): Josh Brodersen, or
Athletic Traine Room at SLPHS - 952-928-6197
Hours vari and procedures will likely change due to COVID. Watch for info or call the ATR.

**Whenever possible, please contact your team coach first if it's a team issue. All other questions may be directed to Benjy Kent or Andy Ewald and the SLP Athletic Department, 612-928-6027. Thank you.


We strive to provide an enriching soccer experience that promotes growth in skills, tactics, self-confidence and teamwork.

Information and Forms:

Key Dates for 2020 Fall Season
Tryouts August 17-21 Try-Outs will be held at the SLP Stadium and Louisiana Oaks (LAO).

**Thursday we will hold a parent meeting at the stadium immeadiately following thee tryout session. Please bring calendar and check book.

Starting the second Monday, teams will be training independently at LAO or Oriole Stadium. 

Season Practice and Games 2020 Season: August 24 – October 7th and post season games/practices for Varsity, through part of October.
Practices prior to start of school:
We are so lucky!  With the opening of the new Fitness Center at SLPHS, we will use this season to make Strength and Conditioning a more formal part of our program.  So, get ready for TWO A DAYS!

August 17th - 21st - All players will report to the Fitness Centerr at 8:30 AM (9:00 on MTWRF) - with Masks!  We will split into two groups, one will start in the Fitness Center the other will be on the field doing technical work.  We will all be done at 11:00 AM.  Then we will all meet back at the field from 5:00 - 7:00 pm this week.  

August 24th - August 28th - Teams will be announced.  Due to some scheduling changes in the Fitness Center, S & C will be M, T, W and F at 8:30 am on  for one group and at 9:00 am for the second group.  The Varsity group will train at the LAO (5:00 - 7:00) as our first two games are on grass and JV/C-Squad will train at Louisiana Oaks LAO from 4:30 - 6:00ish.

August 31 - September 4th - The final week before the start of school, Group 1 will do S & C at 7:30 and Group 2 will meet at 8:30.  Varsity will either train on the field right after that, but more likely in the evening 5:00 - 7:00 pm.  The JV and C-Squad may be on the turf or at LAO (TBD).  The ADs are working out a schedule based on the latest decisionns frrom the MSHSL.  Currently, our games are scheduled to start Aug 27th, at Jefferson for JV and V.  

Once school starts, Group 1 will do S & C at 7:15 on M, W, F.   Group 2  will do S & C on T and Th at 7:30 am.   This will allow for other groups to train in the morning as well.  Field training sessions are after school starts are M-F at LAO for JV and C-Squad when there is no game.

Varsity field sessions will continue to vary with either a 4:00  or 5:00 start time for 1.5 - 2 hours.  We will alternate weekly with the boys which team comes in early and late.

Start times will be later to be sure that all athletes can adequately make it to training, even those out district.  We anticipate starting no earlier than 4:00 PM for all and some Varsittyy practices willl start at 5:00 to give us tiiime with  the full field.  We are hoping to give the  C-squad the opportunity to train in the stadium when Varsity/JV (Gs and Bs) have away games.

If the varsity plays on grass, we may train for a day or two on grass prior.  
Games: 1-2 per week, days of week depend on team, see for scheduling info.
Post-Season Play Section Team Practices and Games, normally, begin 2nd week in October, Varsity only.  MSHSL needs to decide if  the Section and State Tournament will be happening.
Parent/Player Meeting
TBD, Watch for emails and Facebook Posts, there is a spring meeting in May and a fall meeting during the first week (usually first Thursday of Try-Outs)
Pasta Parties These events are scheduled and provided by families for all players.  Designed to build in some social time between teams and programs.  Some will be just Girls Teams and others will be with the Boys Teams (not more than 2).
Senior Recognition Game Senior parents and players are invited to be recognized for their contributions to the program.  At halftime of the final home game there is a presentation and a reception after the game.  This year, the Senior Game will be VS Chanhassen 5:00 pm at Oriole Stadium.  This event is hosted by the Junior parents.
Banquet: All Teams TBD, invitation to be sent at the start of the season, late August or early September.
The 2020 Varsity Practice and Game Schedule is listed below (times include transport to/from away games, warm up/cool down for home).  JV and C squad will practice on non-game weekdays for 90 min between 3:30 - 6:30 at LAO, unless otherwise specified by the team coach.  This change is necessary for the C squad in particular due to late release of middle school.  Please note:  Official schedule through the Athletic Department is found on our team page under "Game Schedule".  Linking to this calendar will give you automatic updates should a game get canceled or rescheduled.

Key Locations

Practice Sites Varsity: SLPHS Stadium (turf)
JV: Louisiana Oaks
JV-B: Louisiana Oaks
C Team: Louisiana Oaks
Home Game Sites Varsity: SLPHS Stadium (turf)
JV: Louisiana Oaks
JV-B: Louisiana Oaks
C Team: Louisiana Oaks
Metro West Conference:

We will welcome:  Orono, Waconia and New Prague for 2021-22 season.
Metro West Conference Members *
St. Louis Park Cooper
Bloomington Jefferson Benilde St. Margret's
Bloomington Kennedy Chaska

*Rosters and records for these schools are available on the MSHL Website:
Section Designation Information:
·        160 A and AA schools compete for the two Minnesota State High School League (MSHL) Tournament Soccer Championships.
·        In order to be one of the 8 teams to qualify for the MSHL State Tournament, a school must win its Section.
·        St. Louis Park is categorized as a "AA" school based on size and socioeconomic statistics.

Section 6AA Members **
St. Louis Park Wayzata
Minneapolis Washburn Minneapolis Southwest
Minneapolis South Hopkins
Cretin Derham Hall Armstrong

**Section and state tournament games are organized by the MSHSL. See their website for more information including dates and times

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