Program Policy
St. Louis PArk Girls Golf

The philosophy for the girls’ golf program is to give every athlete an equal opportunity to compete in the high school sports program. We have developed a varsity and junior varsity program to allow as many athletes as possible to be involved in learning and playing this life-long sport.  We want participation in girls’ golf to be a positive learning and playing experience. It is our goal to field a competitive varsity program and teach and coach players at all levels of the game.

We expect each player to attend all practices and scheduled matches. Advanced notice of any absence is needed. Unexcused absences could result in missing a match playing time. The players and parents will have a schedule of all practices and matches. Because of weather conditions and other factors, the schedule may change or vary. Communication between coaches and athletes is essential to have a successful season. Please feel free to contact the coaches at any time.  If there are any concerns, please discuss them with the coaches. If off-season sports may cause an absence we are more than willing to talk with the other coaches to work out an understanding.

To earn a varsity letter an athlete must complete at least one of the following:
1. Participate in at least half of the scheduled varsity matches
2. Have their score count in half of the scheduled varsity matches.
3. Participate for the varsity in both Metro West Conference 18-hole tournaments and the Section 6AAA Tournament.
4. Have their score count for the team in the Section 6AAA Tournament
or one of the Metro West 18-hole tournaments.
5. Any senior who has participated in the golf program for three years
6. Any player who has participated in the golf program for 4 years

A varsity letter may be denied for any of the following:
1. Any violation of the Minnesota State High School League Rules for
Substance abuse.
2. Any behavior or attitude problems that may be detrimental to the team.

The Metro West Conference will award All Conference honors to the (14) fourteen individuals (and ties) with the highest cumulative point totals from the four regular season matches and the Conference Championship match. The next (8) eight individuals will receive Honorable Mention based on point totals.  Thus, a total of (22) twenty-two individuals (and ties) will receive All-Conference or Honorable Mention.  

We will attempt to always provide an up to date practice and match schedule. Weather conditions and other factors may cause us to change the schedule on short notice. Most of our tee times and practices have already been set. Some of them may be tentative. We will continually update schedules and make them available in school and on the website. It is always difficult to say when we will be back from matches or tournaments. We will do the best we can to keep everyone informed. However, it is the responsibility of the athlete to check the schedule on a regular basis. If an athlete is unable to attend a match in which they are scheduled.

For each varsity and JV match 6 participants are allowed. The top 4 scores from each team will count toward the team score. We will attempt to field the most competitive varsity team possible.  Some of the tournaments will require the athletes to miss all or part of the school day. We realize this causes a disruption for school and some athletes may not be able to compete because of academic considerations. We will try to keep school disruptions to a minimum.

Coaches and only the coaches will determine the lineups.  There may situations when we may not assign 6 girls per match.  Our goal is match the athletic and the level of competition together to acheive the best out come.


Transportation will be provided and required for all Varsity and Junior Varsity matches. 
Transportation will not be provided for matches played at Theodore Worth, Minikahda or Brookview.

Coaches are no longer allowed to transport athletes. All athletes must provide their own transportation to and from all practices.

We expect all our athletes to dress and behave appropriately for practices and matches. Whenever we play at a course we expect our players to dress in an appropriate manner. Dress should also be appropriate for the weather conditions. When the weather is warm, all shirts should have collars and no jeans or jean shorts are allowed for practices or matches. On match days, the participants should try to match as closely as possible. Golf shirts and Khaki pants or shorts are required match attire. Captains will determine what the athletes should wear on the days of matches and for the matches. Several of the clubs that we will play have strict dress codes and shoe requirements. Please be aware of these requirements. Golf etiquette must be followed at all times and this will be taught to all of our athletes. We recommend that all varsity golfers purchase spikeless golf shoes.

We will abide by the Minnesota State High School League Rules for Substance Abuse. There will be no smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking of alcohol or use of any other elicit substance allowed. Any athlete in violation of these training rules will receive a two-week or two-event suspension from the team (whichever is longer) and forfeit their right to letter. The school reserves the right to add further punishment. A second violation is subject to a six-week suspension and the athlete forfeits the opportunity to participate for the team.

All student/athletes are expected to be making academic progress in each of their courses. We will abide by the guidelines established by the St. Louis Park Athletic Department. All players are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 1.5 or above in order to participate on the team. Receiving a failing grade in any individual course will result in temporary dismissal from the team until a passing grade has been attained. In addition, the following behaviors could result in temporary suspension from team practice and competition:
Unexcused absences from classes
In or Out of school suspensions for disciplinary reasons

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a great day!

Freddie Boyle
Head Girls Golf Coach