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Each athlete requires a specific set of skills for the sports in which they participate. Once those skills have been mastered, what is the best way for an athlete to elevate their level of play? Their skills need to be executed with more explosion, speed, power, agility and strength!

Our program’s focus is to improve the athleticism of each individual in order to improve the execution of their sport specific skills and therefore, the success of the team. Athletes and coaches will work together to identify, target, improve and monitor growth areas specific to each sport and the individual athlete. Coaches will focus first on the proper execution of each exercise, and second on adding a load to that exercise. Athletes are required to demonstrate proficiency in an exercise prior to exercise progression. Safety and injury prevention are always priorities.

For those new to the program, please know that our program is designed for athletes of all levels of ability and experience. We will work with each individual to assess their current ability and work forward from there. The beginning of the summer session is the best time of year to start, but we are able to accommodate new athletes all year long! If you have further concerns or questions related to the program design, coaching or your athlete’s participation, please feel free to contact me at any time.