A History of Formers Players
Class of 1991
Norther Iowa
Matt Paulsen

Class of 1998

Norther Iowa/Blue Jays

Aaron MacEachran

Class of 2000
Concordia - St. Paul

Chris Duda

Class of 2001
Mike Batty

Class of 2003
Gustavus Adolphus College
Ben Levy
Danny Bissonnette

Concordia - St. Paul
Aaron Schmitz

Class of 2004
St. Johns
TJ Nelson

Class of 2005
Concordia - St. Paul
Zach Strouts

Class of 2009
Concordia - St. Paul

Mick Sawinski

Class of 2010
North Dakota

Mark Bearmon

Class of 2011

Southwest MN State

Derrick Keller

Scott Foltz

St. Olaf
Christain Erickson

John Gallice 

Ryne McNary

Class of 2013
Concordia - St. Paul

Parker Stennes

Wisconsin Lacrosse
Cole Hoyte

South Dakota State
Ryan Froom

Class of 2014
Century CC

Jake Lukasavage
Curt Greenbush

Class of 2015
St. Thomas

Joe Burnley