The St. Louis Park Girls’ High SchoolSoccer Program provides student-athletes the opportunity to develop individually, and as part of a team, in a competitive soccer environment. Players at all levels, and particularly at the varsity level, need to be prepared physically, technically, tactically and psychologically for the intensity of what is typically a 5-6 day a week program
Team Placement:
Students who play higher-level club soccer are more likely to make the varsity or JV team. However, there are no placement guarantees, playing time is earned through hard work, technical skill, effort to improve, and the ability to be a total team player (on and off the field). Everyone who tries out for SLP Girls’ High School Soccer is typically given the opportunity to participate at some level. The coaching staff is available to discuss this philosophy with players and parents.
Club Soccer:
We strongly encourage students to play for a soccer club outside the high school season. Clubs like the St. Louis Park Soccer Association (SLPSA) provide a good option for developing soccer skills. SLPSA offers many benefits, including convenient practice locations and winter training opportunities. The primary reason for choosing another club would be to play at a higher level (C1 or Premier). Tryouts for other club teams can be highly competitive, but they can help young  players (U14-16)  bemotivated to work harder with any team or when training on their own.
Year Round Fitness:
We strongly encourage all players to develop their own training regimens. Players who create and follow a consistent program, even as short as 20 minutes with the ball, mixing in some running, stretching, core/strength training, etc. for 4-5 days a week, make the greatest strides. 

Strength & Conditioning: