The coaching staff believes it is critical to work on training goals and to physically prepare for the daily rigors of high school soccer. St. Louis Park High School offers a year-round Strength and Conditioning program for students. All players are encouraged to be part of this program, especially during the summer months. We believe it will help raise our soccer team to a new level of competitive play. The program also does an amazing job of building self-esteem and physical confidence.
ü Think about goals for summer and fall.
ü Assess skill level: ball control, passing, crossing, endurance, speed, strength, etc.
ü Design a reasonable plan that builds from the end of the school year through August; OR JOIN STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING and the planning is done for you!
ü Be consistent with your workout regimen.
ü Make certain you work on ball skills weekly.
ü Try to devote 5 to 6 hours/week on fitness and ball skills once your soccer club season is complete.
ü Resist the urge to let fitness go and not touch the ball during vacation time. Injuries occur when the body is shocked into a challenging athletic regimen, like the soccer program.
Fitness is the cornerstone of SLP Girls' Soccer!
Program goals for Varsity and JV teams
*      20X alternating feet
*      20X alternating thighs
*      10X with head only
*      50X multi-surface
Running: 1 mile
*      Varsity sub 7:00 minutes
*      JV sub 7:30 minutes
Running: 2 mile
*      Varsity sub 15:30 minutes
*      JV sub 16:30 minutes
Shuttle run (aka Killer)
*      Varsity sub :43 seconds
*      JV sub :48 seconds
Push-ups :
*      20 high quality < 1 minute
*      75 high quality < 1 minute
ü Warm up properly and take time to cool down
ü Mix up workout intensity
ü Wear proper footwear
ü Train in a safe environment
ü Hydrate
ü Just like school, avoid cramming! Develop a plan and stick to it.
ü Contact your coach if you need help with a plan or need to discuss an aspect of your plan. We are here to help you!