What do the kids have to say?

I joined the St. Louis Park Strength and Conditioning program in the summer of 2012 to prepare for the upcoming swim season after seeing the improved performance of other swimmers who had participated in it. I expected it to be a general workout program, but I was surprised to find a very large emphasis on doing workouts specific to your sport. Though everyone does the same warm-ups and lifts, each session ends with the individual choosing three sports specific exercises and oftentimes the coaches create exercises for individuals, not just specific to their sport but to particular areas which he or she feels need improvement. Since the lifts throughout each week work every major muscle in the body, these exercises proved very beneficial in helping me focus on improving my readiness for my sport while increasing my general fitness at the same time. With the training and preparation of this program, I began my swim season with even more speed and strength than I had ended with the previous year. Additionally, the muscle strength I gained through these workouts gave me substantially more room to grow once I got back to swimming as I consistently improved throughout the season. In a sport like swimming, where hundredths of a second can make the difference between winning and losing, I can say with confidence that Strength and Conditioning gave me the edge I needed and sometimes much more.
-Phillip, Class of 2013, Swimming

Strength and Conditioning has helped me by allowing me to improve my strength. With my friends also in the program, I can push myself to or past them while also making new friends.
-Ty, Class of 2016, Football

Strength and Conditioning has greatly increased my athletic ability. Since I started lifting, I have become stronger and able to letter in both of my sports (Track and Cross Country). I see constant improvement while finding myself making healthier choices for my body. Everyday I enjoy going to lifting and have a good time while working hard.
-Jenna, Class of 2014, Cross Country & Track

I have been lifting consistently since the spring of my 8th grade year. Now as a Junior, the results of the work I’ve put in are truly paying off. My time in the weight room has made me a much more confident athlete and I believe has played a huge role in making me a starting varsity athlete. The physical changes are extremely visible as well. There is a stark contrast between me two years ago and today. Since that time I have gained close to 40 pounds of muscle. The St Louis Park Strength and Conditioning Program has made me a more dominant athlete both mentally and physically, and with enough effort and dedication, anyone can get similar results.
-Quinn, Class of 2014, Football

Strength and Conditioning is one of the greatest after school activities our high school offers. I joined the summer before freshman year and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I’ve become a lot healthier and a better runner since joining. Another reason why I like Strength and Conditioning is because it’s a fun way to make new friends and push each other to new limits. It’s also a really helpful way to relieve stress that might have built up over the school day.
-Suh, Class of 2014, Cross Country & Track

Over the past 2 years, I have seen significant improvement in my physical capabilities. Strength and Conditioning has continuously challenged me and I know I have become more physically fit because of it. In addition, I have also gained a great deal of mental strength. This program has taught me to push myself through tasks, which seem to be impossible, and prove them to be achievable. I would recommend Strength and Conditioning to anyone because no matter where you start, if you work hard and do what you are told, you will definitely see positive results.
-Maria, Class of 2014, Cross Country & Track

Strength and Conditioning has improved my athletic abilities, performance and mental strength so much! At first I wasn’t sure how much it was helping, but now it’s very apparent how much it does. For me personally, in synchro, I find it a lot easier to eggbeater higher, scull harder and swim faster. It’s one of those things you really do get out what you put in. The environment around you also is so encouraging and motivational. The season is essentially never ending, so if you have a bad day, it’s not the end of the world! Try again tomorrow! The feeling of completing a workout, walking away knowing your did your best is amazing, and it makes me want to come back and push my limits even further the next time! My current pull-up standings are 21 and counting!
-Jenna, Class of 2014, Cross Country and Synchro

Strength and Conditioning has helped me to get stronger during the off-season and work on my weaknesses. It has also helped me to become more mentally tough. The coaches are awesome and make workout more fun.
-Addy May, Class of 2015,Tennis & Basketball

In addition to getting in better shape, Strength and Conditioning lets you get closer to your teammates during the off-season and become friends with people of all ages that you might not be able to otherwise. It is hard work, but it is also lots of fun.
-Duncan, Class of 2016, Football

Strength and Conditioning does a lot of things for me. It not only makes me stronger but it gives me something to do other than going home and watching TV and playing video games. Strength also helps me relieve stress. It also is very fun, I meet a lot of new people that I don’t meet at the Middle School. I love Strength!
-Jake, Class of 2017, Football

I love this weight lifting program. I am definitely noticing results. I have gotten faster and stronger. The coaches are great, and very helpful too!
-Griffin, Class of 2019, Football & Track