Coaches Notes:

•  Check out!
•  Make sure you have your Alternative Transportation Form filled out if you don't plan on taking the bus home from a meet or practice.
•  Emergency Cards are needed! Please see the tab titled "Emergency Card" if you have not yet filled one out for your skier.

Lettering Policy:
Skiers automatically letter when:
• You are selected for the Sections team
• It's your third year on the team and you're a senior
• You earn 3 "points" (see below)

You earn 1 point by:
Placing in the top 6 of any conference race
Placing in the top 30 of Conference Championships (All-Conference & Honorable Mention)
Placing in the top 10 of JV Conference Champs
Competing in a non-conference race (Mesabi, Holiday Relays, etc)

Contact: Doug Peterson