You must be at practice! Practice times are listed on the calendars you receive and on the calendars in the gym—not knowing what time we have practice is not an acceptable excuse. Practice also includes weight lifting with Mrs. Gust. Saturday 8:30 am. No practice on meet days.

* Missed practices cannot be made up. (Please see lettering policy below)

*You need to bring a note in order to get an excused absence. We need to know in advance if you are not going to be at practice. Valid notes must be from parents, teachers, or doctors.

* An excused absence includes: illness, religious conflicts or holidays, family vacation, staying late at school with a teacher, or other academic events.

* An illness that develops at 2:30pm is not excused. If you are at school. You must be at practice. If you are absent from school all day, you are excused from practice, but a parent must email Dawn before practice begins that day.

* An unexcused absence includes: homework, babysitting, work, haircuts, dates, not feeling like coming to practice, or being injured. If you are injured, you must still attend all practices.

* If you need to see the trainer, you should go directly after school and come to practice as soon as possible. Any injury must be reported to the coaches immediately. Taping, icing, stretches and exercises, etc can be done at practice rather than the training room.

* One unexcused absence will result in a phone call and/or meeting with parents.

* Two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team

* Gymnasts who are late to practice without a note will do 10 pushups for each minute missed.

* Meets:

* You must be at practice the day before a meet or you will not compete in the meet. You must attend at least 1⁄2 day of school the day of the meet to be eligible to compete.


*Gymnasts must be on the bus on time and at the Community Center on time! If you are released from school early for a meet, you are to use that time to get changed into your warmups and get to the Central Community Center to catch the bus or set up. This time is not to be used to buy fast food or smoothies. Gymnasts who are late due to these activities may be subject to disciplinary actions, including being removed from your spot on an event.

*Bring your warm up leotard, jacket, pants, and competition leotard to every meet, even if you are not competing. Bring a water bottle, snacks, grips, tiger paws, and anything else you need.

*Underwear must be skin color or the matching leotard color. Thongs are not allowed. Bra straps must not show.

*No Jewelry during competition, including all earrings, no exceptions. Jewelry and Glitter are prohibited from competition per High School league rules. Violation results in a reduction of the individual and team scores, and ejection from competition.

*Nail polish is allowed, but must be a neutral color, containing no glitter.

* Away Meets:

*Gymnasts must ride the bus to and from away meets. In the event of an injury or illness the gymnast may leave with a parent or guardian. (See attached form if necessary).

*No phones allowed at competition.

*All gymnasts will help carry the board, move and hold mats, and run music. If you are asked or assigned to these activities, you must help out. No exceptions. We are a team, and will act as such.

* Home Meets:

*Gymnasts are required to come straight to the gym once released from school and start setting up the gym. You will be assigned an event or task to set up. Once you finish this task, go help others with theirs. EVERYONE WORKS UNTIL WE ARE DONE!

* Gymnasts and parents are required to stay after home meets conclude to help put the gym back in order. No exceptions.

*Gymnasts must help parents navigate where equipment goes. If you were assigned to set up an event, you are assigned to help tear it down.



*You will not use alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any other controlled substances.    You have signed off on the MSHSL form stating that this is for the entire year, including summer.

*The gymnastics team has a zero-tolerance policy during the season- you use, your season is over! Off-season, we follow the MSHSL policy.

*You must maintain scholastic eligibility. Passing grades and a GPA of 2.0 and higher.


*Bring a lock for your locker, girls use the lockers in the pool changing rooms

*Cell phones are to be left in the lockers

*Wear a leotard and tight fitting shorts (optional)

*Bring your own athletic or kinesio tape, and a water bottle

*No jewelry, other than post or stud earrings.

*Every gymnast will help pick up the gym after practice each day. This includes water bottles, personal belongings, mats, and garbage. For every person who doesn’t help, and every mat or piece of trash left out each day, EVERYONE will do 10 pushups per item and person at the beginning of practice the next day. We are all responsible for keeping the gym clean.

*You need to have a positive attitude towards all gymnastics, coaches, judges, and your parents. We are all working together to make this the best experience for you and the team. This means setting and striving for your goals, making an effort to master new skills, allowing input from your coaches and captains, and speaking and acting respectfully to all. Failure to do so may get your removed from a competition, practice, or the team.

TO LETTER: Lettering is comprised of your attendance, and your competition.

* You must compete in 5 varsity meets or score higher than a varsity competitor whose score counts towards the team score. This means you must score as high as or higher than the top four scores.

* Attendance: No more than 5 absences (excused or unexcused) are allowed in order to letter.

Exceptions to this policy include religious conflicts, like the sabbath, or extended illness, I.E. being in the hospital, or sick for more then four days with a doctors note.

*Because of the days that the holidays fall this calendar year, the following days are exempt from the lettering policy to allow for families to travel. December 24th - January 1st. This does not mean that if you are in town you get to skip practice.


Head: Dawn Thielen, 763-242-2796

Assistants: Kelly Bergum, Erica Frey, Whitney Kolia, Bob Komma

CAPTAINS: Maddy Olson, Rachel Stein, and Eden Swartz

In case of an emergency, you can call Dawn directly or call the main office at Central at 952- 928-6777 and explain your situation. They will help you get in touch with a coach if necessary.

Gymnasts will not be allowed to use cell phones during practice time. Please make arrangements for transportation etc. in advance.