2017-2018 Team Rules

* Attendance:

*You must be at practice! Practice times are listed on the calendars you receive and posted at — not knowing what time we have practice is not an acceptable excuse.

* Missed practices can not be made up.
* Please see lettering policy below: no more than 5 absences are allowed in order to letter.
*You need to bring a note in order to get an excused absence, and please let Gretchen know in advance, when if you are not going to be at practice.
* An excused absence includes: illness, religion conflicts, family vacation, staying late at school with a teacher.
* An illness that develops at 3:00pm is not excused. If you are absent from school all day, you are excused from practice, but a parent must email Gretchen before practice that day.

* An unexcused absence includes: homework, babysitting, work, haircuts, dates, not feeling like coming to practice, or being injured. If you are injured, you must still attend all practices.

* If you need to see the trainer, you should go directly after school and come to practice as soon as possible. Any injury must be reported to the coaches immediately. Taping, icing, etc does can be done at practice rather than the training room.
* One unexcused absence will result in a phone call and/or meeting with parents.
* Two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team
* Gymnasts who are late to practice without a note will do 10 pushups for each minute missed.

* Meets:
* You must be at practice the day before a meet or you will not compete in the meet. You must attend at least ½ day of school the day of the meet to be eligible to compete.
* Away Meets: Gymnasts must ride the bus to and from away meets.
* Home Meets: Gymnasts and parents are required to stay after home meets conclude to help put the gym back in order. No exceptions.

*You will not use alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any other controlled substances. You have signed off on the MSHSL form stating that this is for the entire year, including summer.
*The gymnastics team has a zero-tolerance policy during the season-you use, your season is over! Off-season, we follow the MSHSL policy.
*You must maintain scholastic eligibility (Terms included).


*You need to have a positive attitude towards gymnastics, coaches, judges, other gymnasts, and your parents. We are all working together to make this the best experience for you and the team. This means setting and striving for your goals, making an effort to master new skills, allowing input from your coaches and captains, and speaking and acting respectfully to all people.

*You must compete in 4 varsity meets or score higher than a varsity competitor whose score counts toward the team score.
* Attendance: no more than 5 absences (excused or unexcused) are allowed in order to letter.

Gretchen Novak (952) 928-6752

Kelly Bergum
Whitney Koliha
Bob Komma
Dawn Thielen

Gymnasts will not be allowed to use cell phones during practice time. Please make arrangements for transportation etc. in advance.