Junior High Student Try-out Information:
(If the sport is currently offered at the Junior High)

A junior high student (7-8 only) who requests to try-out, practice, or compete on a high school team where the sport is currently offered at the junior high must complete prior to the season, the “High School Athletic Team Try Out Form” available in the high school athletic office. Participant must be registered and start try-outs the first day of practice. After the try-out period, the high school coaching staff will determine one of the following:
1) Participant is a varsity level athlete, will contribute to the varsity program and play at the varsity level.
2) Participant is on the 9th grade/C team.
3) It is not appropriate for participant to be part of the high school program at the varsity or 9th grade/C team level at the time of tryout.