Registration forms are available in the Senior High School Athletic Office or click on the highlighted links below.  We strongly recommend registration in person in case any questions should arise or additional signatures are necessary. 

-Registration fees are $160 for all sports except hockey ($200) - REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PAYMENT OF PARTICIPATION FEE.

Registrations must include the following:
Signed SLP Registration Form w/Liability
• Signed MSHSL Athletic Eligibility Statement and MSHSL Annual Sports Health Questionnaire Form
• The fee payment (payable to St. Louis Park Senior High School)
• Proof of physical exam given within the previous 3 years (which clears the athlete for full participation), only if not current and on file in the Athletic or Health Office. If the physical expires during the season, a new physical must be provided before the athlete may begin participation. The Sports Physical Date on file is displayed in the PowerSchool Student portal and can be accessed with student information in this link.

All forms can be found at the bottom of this page.

Transfer students and foreign exchange students must complete additional forms for full eligibility.
Those forms are available in the Senior High Athletic Office or on this website.

Junior High Students Participating on a High School Team:

 A junior high student (7-8 only) who request to try-out, practice, or compete on a high school team where the sport is currently offered at the junior high must complete prior to the season beginning the  “High School Athletic Team Try Form” available in the high school athletic office.  Participant must be registered and start try-outs the first day of practice.  After the try-out period, the high school coaching staff will determine one of the following:

1)    Participant is a varsity level athlete, will contribute to the varsity program and play at the varsity level.

2)    Participant is on the 9th grade/ C team. 

3)    It is not appropriate for participant to be part of the high school program at the varsity or 9th grade/ C team level at the time of tryout.