St. Louis Park Girls Golf
Sunday, May 19th.
Hello everyone.  This week plus next Tuesday will wrap up the golf portion of the season. It has been a pleasure working with the young ladies this season.  I believe we had fun, learned, and competed!  Golf is very hard.  We are awaiting the announcement of our Banquet Date.

Izzy will be the only player invited to play at Sections this year.  Sections are being played at Ridges at Sand Creek on Thursday May 30th and then when she makes the cut on Monday, May 3rd.  Players, friends, and parents are invited and encouraged to attend.  There are very good teams and golfers in our Section on both the girl's and boy's sides.  We wish Izzy and the boys team luck.

Monday - Quadangular 9 hole match at Halla Greens with Chaska, Chanhassen, and Minnetonka.  Bus leaves at 2:15 with a 3:30 start.  All players are invited to play.

Tuesday - Optional Practice at Brookview.  

Wednesday - Optional Practice at Braemar.

Thursday - Practice Round at Ridges at Sand Creek for Izzy.  3:00 tee time.  

Friday - No Practice.  Memorial Weekend

Next Tuesday - Final golf event.  We will be playing 9 holes at the newly remodeled Braemar Golf course.  I have not secured  tee times as they are not taking reservations until this Tuesday.  I'll be on it though.  I'm planning on 3 tee times beginning at 3:40 then we will hit Chipotle for food.

Wednesday, May 15
Due to early release we will not be having practice this Friday.

Sunday, May 12
Hello Everyone.  To all of our Mom's.  Happy Mother's Day to you!

And just like that the Conference Championship is upon us.  The weather looks like it will cooperate this week.  60's Monday and 80's by Friday.  Rachel is working on a save the date for our end of the year banquet.  That date will be communicated soon.  Lot's of activities and testing happening over the next 2 weeks.  Please communicate any conflicts with the schedule.

Monday - Conference Championship @ Rush Creek.  Bus leaves at 6:15 am.  A shotgun start beginning at 8:00 am followed by awards ceremony.  Players should be home no later than 5:00 pm and that is being generous.  Playing in the Championship are Izzy, Jorda, Raelyn, Maia, and Maggie.  

These scores will have a huge impact on who will be invited to Sections.  See insert from the Section 6AAA Handbook specifically Course Difficulty. 

Section 6AAA Golf Tournament Handbook 2019 updated (5-3-19)
Site: Ridges at Sand Creek Golf Course, Jordan MN; website: phone: 952-492-2644. Coaches contact the pro shop for practice rounds. Please note that once the tournament has started, players may not play practice rounds on the course where the tournament is held. This includes the span of time between preliminary rounds, final rounds and rain dates (if needed). Individual schools are responsible for range tokens.
Event: 36 holes of stroke play with a cut after the first 18.
Course Difficulty: Coaches must make sure all players entered can handle the difficulty of the course.

Tuesday - Practice at Brookview from 3:30 - 4:30.

Wednesday - Match vs Fridley at Glenn Lake.  The bus leaves at 1:00. The first tee time is 1:52.  Students will be dismissed at 12:45. Playing are Rachel, Anika, Lily, Brianna, Izzy, Raelyn, Jordan, Maia, and Maggie.  This could be our last opportunity to compete with a whole team as our last non section match is next Monday and Monday's are difficult for several of our players. 

Thursday - Practice at Brookview from 3:30 - 4:30. 

Friday - Practice to be determined.  I will try and line up a par 3 scramble event.  Perhaps against some of the boys players.

Monday, May 6
Hello.  I apologize for the late update.  Light match week.
Monday - Varsity Conference Match @ Crystal Lake golf course.  Izzy and Maia playing Varsity and Raelyn playing JV.  Bus leaves at 1:00.  Students dismissed at 12:45.

The rest of the team is practicing at Braemar from 3:30 - 4:30.  Chipping and putting

Tuesday - Practice at Brookview from 3:30 - 4:30.  Mid and long irons with drivers

Wednesday - Practice at Braemar from 3:30 - 4:30.  Chipping and putting.

Thursday - Practice at Brookview from 3:30 - 4:30.  Mid and long irons with drivers

Friday - Pictures at 3:15.  No practice after that.

Sunday April 28th
Monday - JV Conference Match at Dahlgreen.  Bus leaves at 1:00 pm. Students will be dismissed at 12:45.  Playing in this match will be Lily, Raelyn, and Anika.

The rest of the team is to report to Braemar for practice.  Chipping and putting from 3:45-5:00.  You will have an option to hit range balls after 5:00.

Tuesday - Practice at Brookview range from 3:45 - 5:00.  Mid and long irons along with Drivers.

Wednesday - Varsity Conference Match at Dahlgreen.  Bus leaves at 1:00 pm.  Students will be dismissed at 12:45.  Playing in this match will be Rachel, Izzy, Maia, and Jordan.  

The rest of the team is to report to Braemar for practice.  Chipping and putting from 3:45-5:00.  You will have an option to hit range balls after 5:00.

Thursday - Match against Minneapolis Southwest at Theodore Wirth beginning at 4:00 pm.  There is no bus.  Rachel, Izzy, Lilly, Maia, Jordan, Brianna, Anika, Maggie, and Raelyn are playing.

Friday - Practice at Brookview Range from 3:45-5:00.  Jones will be gone.  Coach Martin will be there.

Sunday April 21st
Monday.  Minnetonka Invitational @ Glenn Lake.  The bus leaves at 11:00 am.  First tee time is 12:00.  Students dismissed at 10:45.  Rachel, Izzy, Maia, Lilly, Brianna, Raelyn, Jordan, and Anika will be playing.

This match could get rained out.  In that case we will travel to Top Golf for practice after school.  I will send more information on this later.

Tuesday.  Conference match @ Brookview.  We are hosting this match.  No Bus.  First tee time 1:00.  Students dismissed at 12:00.  Varsity - Rachel, Izzy, Maia, Lily.  JV - Brianna, Raelyn, Anika, Jordan, Maggie. 

Wednesday.  Practice at Braemar 3:45 - 5:00.  Bring your wedges and putter.

Thursday.  Dual match vs Breck @ Brookview.  No Bus.  first tee time is at 3:40.  No early dismissal. Rachel, Izzy, Maia, Lily, Rianna, Raelyn, Anika, Jordan, Maggie will be playing.

Friday.  Practice at Brookview Par 3. 3:28 tee time.  Scramble format.

Thursday  April 18th
Schedule update!!

Thursday -. Practice at the HS 3:30-4:30.  Coach Matt will be giving a presentation on course management.  No clubs needed.

Friday - 3:28 first tee time at Brookview Par 3.  Scramble format.  I'll let you know if the course is open Friday morning.  This is optional however it would be great to get together.

Saturday - Top Golf from 9:00 - 11:00.  We need to know how many are coming.  Again.  This is optional but would b nice to get everyone together.

Monday April 15th.
Schedule update!!

Tuesday - We have a match against Fridley at Majestic Oaks.  All players are going to be playing.  The bus will leave at 1:45 with the first tee time being 3:40.  We will get there early and will have time to practice before playing.  Dress appropriately.  Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Friday - There is no school. We will have an optional practice at Brookview Par 3 course.  We have 2 tee times beginning at 3:28.  Weather should be good.

Saturday - We will have an optional practice.  We have 2 stalls at Top Golf from 9:00am - 11:00 am.  We will need to know who is coming for both Friday and Saturday's optional practices ASAP.

Please remember to remind the players to dress appropriately for weather.  Bring water!
Monday, April 15th.
Happy Monday!  Sun is shinning.  Thank goodness!

Congratulations to Jordan for winning the Chipotle Masters Championship.  She takes the $15 Chipotle gift card!

Monday - Minnetonka JV Invite is cancelled for today and rescheduled for next Monday April 22nd.  Same time.  Same place.  Practice today will be from 3:30 - 4:45 at the high school.  Players will be hitting wedges outdoors and chipping and putting indoors.  The boys team will be joining us.  Players are to bring wedges and a putter.

Tuesday - We will again be holding practice at the high school from 3:30 - 4:45.  The first part of practice will be Rachel speaking with the team.  Then Matt giving a presentation on course management.  We will then head out back to hit wedges.  Players are to bring wedges.

Wednesday - Conference Match at Dwan. Bus leaves at 1:00.  First tee time is 2:00.  All players will be participating.  Players will be excused from class at 12:45.  Varsity - Izzy, Rachel, Anika, Maia, Lilly.  JV - Raelynn, Jordan, Maggie.

Thursday - Practice at Brookview from 3:45 - 5:00 with Coach Matt.  Players are to bring their hole bag.  Focus will be on mid-long irons and Drivers.  Players are responsible for getting to and from Brookview.

Friday - We have a tee time at the Brookview Par 3 course beginning at 3:28.  We will play a scramble format.  Foursomes will be determined later in the week.  Players are responsible for getting to and from Brookview.

Saturday, April 13th.
Official field for the Chipotle Masters. Purse: $15 Chipolte Gift Card.  Attested by Veronica Jones.  Good Luck!
Jordan - T. Woods
Raelynn - F. Molonari
Brianna - L. Oosthuizen
Izzy - J. Day
Maia - M. Kuchar
Maggie - X. Schauffle
Lilly -  J. Raham
Anika - D. Johnson
Rachel - A. Scott
Coach Alaina - I. Poulter
Coach Matt - P. Kizzire
Coach Stacy - B. Koepka
Coach Jones - J. Harding

Friday, April 12th.
Hello.  We will be practicing today, Friday at the high school main gym from 3:30 - 4:30.  We will be working on chipping and putting.  A $5 McDonalds gift card will be up for grabs!  We will also have the new found rain gear and uniform's available.  

We will be having a Master's competition for the team and coaches for a $15 gift card from Chipotle!  Once the cut is made today, each player and coach will be assigned a player that is in 1st through 13th place.  The winner of the Master's will get the gift card.  

Not sure what's up for next week.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 11th.  No Practice

Wednesday, April 10th.
Hello Everyone.  It was nice to meet many of you last night.  Thanks to those contributing the $50 fundraising check.  I was able to stumble upon quit a few uniforms this morning.  They were in a lost and found bin in the a equipment room.  Thanks Rich Keith for leading me to them.

We will not practice today, Wednesday, due to space issues.  We will practice tomorrow from 3:45-4:15 in a room to be determined.  At this practice we will talk about rules, etiquette, course management, and dress.  I will have the rain gear and uniform's that I found available.

Thanks for your flexibility.  

Tuesday, April 9th.

Hello everyone.  Just a soft reminder that we will be having our parent meeting today at 5:30 in room B135.  The room is right next to the Athletic Office.  Please be prepared to donate a $50 check for fundraising purposes.

We or at least I had a blast yesterday coaching and watching the girls play in our first conference match.  The most important thing is that the girls were out competing!  I was very proud to be part of that experience.

Changes to this weeks schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will be practicing at the high school from 3:45 - 5:00.  The forecast is miserable.  Friday's practice will be announced on Thursday.

Players are to bring a 7 iron, as many wedges as possible, and a putter.

Sunday, April 7th
Hello Everyone.  Here we go!

Players will need to provide their own black leggings or black skort to matches.  Tops and rain gear will be provided by the school.  Please note the parent meeting on Tuesday at 5:30-6:00.  We will be asking that families provide a $50 donation for fundraising purposes.  This money will be used to provide snacks, drinks, ect.. throughout the season.

Link to the calendar.  This calendar will be updated as the season moves forward.  There could be more matches added as players are allowed to play in 16 matches per season.  I will do my best to get close to that number.

Week of April 8 - April 12.
Monday - Varsity and JV Conference Match at Bluff Creek in Chanhassen (9 holes).  Bus leaves at 2:00 pm weight room doors. Students will be dismissed at 1:45 pm.
Varsity Players - Izzy, Rachel, Lilly and Maia.
Junior Varsity - Brianna, Raelynn, Anika, Jordan

Tuesday - Practice at Brookview 3:45-5:00.  Parent meeting at the High School 5:30-6:00 in the room next to the Athletic Office.

Wednesday - Match with Benilde St. Margarets at Meadowbrook (9 holes).  3:20 first tee time.  No bus. Students will be dismissed at 2:30 pm.
Izzy, Rachel, Lilly, Maia, Brianna, Raelynn, Anika, Jordan and Maggie will be playing.

Thursday - Match with Minneapolis Southwest at Meadowbrook (9 holes).  3:45 first tee time.  No bus.  Students will be dismissed at 3:00 pm.
Izzy, Rachel, Lilly, Maia, Brianna, Raelynn, Anika, Jordan and Maggie will be playing.

Friday - Practice at Brookview 3:45-5:00.

Saturday, March 23rd.  Next weeks practice schedule has changed.  On Tuesday, we will be going to the dome vs meeting in room C350.  

On Monday, players should bring a driver, 7-iron, sand wedge, and putter. Interlachen will provide golf balls and everything else. Please hustle down to the bus as our lesson starts at 3:30 pm.  I will see if we can get you released 10 minutes early.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the bus leaves from the weight room doors at 3:20.  Please bring a putter, sand wedge, 7 iron, and driver to these practices.

I will be late Tuesday as I have a school meeting at 3:15 and I will be gone Wednesday and Thursday leaving for Arizona. 

The player parent meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, April 9th after practice around 5:30 at the High School in a location to be determined.

We begin our Varsity/JV conference schedule at Dahlgreen in Chaska on Monday April 8th we get back. The bus on Monday leaves at 2:00 pm.  We have a confirmed Varsity/JV match vs Minneapolis Southwest on Thursday, April 11th at Meadowbrook.  The match begins at 3:45.  We will need to provide our own transportation.  And we have an unconfirmed match vs Benilde St. Margrets on Wednesday, April 10th at Brookview. We will need to provide our own transportation to this match.

With our numbers being low, we will need most of our players prepared to play in all of our matches.  Please communicate as much in advance if there is a conflict with the schedule.

I will be in contact again towards the end of Spring Break to review and share any updated information.  We are very excited to be working with you daughters and excited to get the competitive season under way.  This information in addition to the official schedule can be found at go

Monday, March 18th. Hello.  Fun meeting the players today!  Players are to bring a 6 or 7 iron to practice at the dome tomorrow Tuesday.  We will be leaving from the weight room doors at 3:20 pm. Thursday of this week the bus will leave from the weight room doors at 3:45.  Players are to bring a wedge, 6 or 7 iron and driver. 

Next weeks practices are going to look like this.  Monday, the team will board the bus at 3:20 from the weight room doors and travel to Interlachen Country Club.  The professional will move us through a 1 hour lesson.  I will let you know what club or clubs to bring by Sunday at 6:00 pm.  Tuesday we will be meeting in room C350 for a presentation on Rules and Golf etiquette along with some putting.  Wednesday and Thursday we will be going to the dome.  The bus will leave on Wednesday and Thursday at 3:20 pm 

Hello.  The bus leaves for practice at 3:20 today and tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.  The bus leaves at 3:45 Thursday.  There is no practice Wednesday or Friday this week.  Players should bring a Wedge (W), Pitching Wedge (PW), and Sand Wedge (SW).  Of these 3 clubs, bring what you have.  Practice for next week will be updated Sunday by 6:00 pm.  There is no practice over Spring Break.

Hello Everyone.  I gentle reminder that registration is due by next Monday, March 18th. Registration forms are available in the athletic office.  Registration includes having a current physical on file.  The first practice will be at the Brooklyn Park Golf Dome.  The bus will leave from school at 3:45.  The rest of the schedule leading up to Spring Break will be released in the near future.  We will not be practicing over Spring Break, the week of April 1st.
It's my pleasure to introduce the 2019 St. Louis Park Girls Golf coaching staff.  We have met individually and as a group along with captain Rachel Salzer.

Stacy Seidel

My name is Stacy Seidel.  I’m from East Lansing, Michigan (home of the Michigan State Spartans).  

I played on the Varsity team at East Lansing High School all four years, was named first team in my 

conference and All-State first team my senior year.  I moved on to experience golf at the collegiate 

level at Michigan State University.  While I’ve had some experience substitute teaching in the 

classroom and volunteering at the schools, this is my first experience coaching.  I value my experience 

as a player and the lessons I’ve learned from my coaches along the way.  I look forward to being able 

to contribute any way I can to each and every player as they develop their skills and learn to love the 

sport of golf.  I’m excited to be involved with the golf program at St. Louis Park and to be working with 

Kevin, Matt and Alaina to help foster a fun, competitive season.  When I’m not coaching, I work as 

corporate counsel for a food and beverage manufacturing company.  I’m married to Tom Seidel and 

we have two kids.  One is at PSI (Zoe) and the other is at SLP High School (Maia).  Zoe does Jiu Jitsu, 

gymnastics, and golf and Maia plays tennis and golf.  We moved to St. Louis Park from Atlanta, 

Georgia about six years ago and love it!  Park Pride!


Matt Stangl

Matt Stangl lives in St. Louis Park with his family and works in Wayzata at Cargill. His wife, Morgan, is a 

teacher at Loring Elementary School in Minneapolis. They have two children, Eli and Cora, and both 

attend PSI. Eli is in 2ndgrade, and Cora is in kindergarten.  Matt has played many sports over his life and 

has appreciated all those experiences, but none more than golf. He started playing golf when he was 

7-years-old and moved to competitive junior golf shortly thereafter. He made the Simley High School golf 

team in 8thgrade and lettered that year and the four years following. He qualified for the state golf tournament 

three times – in 8th, 11th, and 12th grades. He also played collegiate golf at Carleton College.  Matt believes 

golf is such a great way to connect with others and learn life lessons. He is passionate about teaching his 

own children this wonderful game, and he looks forward to teaching yours too.


Alaina Martin

My name is Alaina Martin. I am from Eagan, MN and this is my 6th year teaching. I am a DCD special 

education at St. Louis Park High School. I went to University of North Dakota where I studied Elementary 

Education and Masters in Special Education. I am a lifelong athlete. I grew up playing sports such as soccer, 

tennis, softball, track, and volleyball which I played at my high school. I played intramural volleyball in 

college and continued to play tennis in my free time. Golf is a new area of interest for me and I am excited 

to keep developing as a player and as a coach this season. 

Hello.  I'm happy to announce that Rachel Salzer will be the Captain of the 2019 Girls Golf Team.  Rachel is a Senior and has been a part of the program for the last 3 seasons. 

The link for applying to be a captain is below.  If you are interested in being a captain please fill out the application by Wednesday, January 23rd.

Parent/Athlete meeting is scheduled for TBD.

The 2019 Spring Girls Golf Season begins Monday, March 18th. 
All student athletes must have a current physical on file with the Athletic Department prior to participation.  Physicals are current for three years. Returning student athletes,  check with the Athletic Department to determine if your physical is current through the 2019 Spring season.

The West Metro Girls Golf Conference consist of Bloomington Jefferson, Bloomington Kennedy, Chaska, Chanhassen, Richfield, Robinsdale Cooper and Benilde Saint Margaret. 

Student athletes must coordinate and provide their own transportation to and from practices.  

Student Athletes must supply their own set of clubs.

Contact: Kevin R. Jones