Welcome to the 2019 SLP Boys Golf Season

We are excited to start the 2019 golf season. Similar to the last three years, we will not make any cuts. Our former Assistant Coach Kevin Jones has left to take over the girls' program. Our JV Coach this year will Be Charlie McChesney. There will be a few days this year where Varsity and JV both have matches. If your son is not playing in either match, they will not practice that day.

The Mission Statement represents the core beliefs and ideals by which the program will operate. The coaching staff is committed to these goals and will strive to fulfill these expectations on a daily basis.

1. Establish the traditions and standards of excellence that will guide the St. Louis   Park Boys Golf Program. 
2. Operate with integrity: build an environment of trust and respect. 
3. Be first class, not settling for second best. Demand excellence from all players and coaches. 
4. Develop a genuine appreciation for the contribution that each individual makes to the St. Louis Park Boys Golf program. 
5. Promote pride and confidence in the St. Louis Park Boys Golf Team and represent St. Louis Park Schools and the St. Louis Park Community to the best of my ability. 
6. Promote the value of education. 
7. Promote the value of good sportsmanship. 
8. Develop an appreciation and sensitivity for ethnicity and cultural diversity. 
9. Encourage parental involvement in the St. Louis Park Boys Golf Program. Parents are a part of the team and they are vital in making the Golf program a success. 
10. Keep the game fun for everyone.

Contact: Mike Okey