Good luck to all of our baseball players playing winter sports. Get out and support your teammates who compete in winter athletics! Fans and support play a huge roll in HS athletics. 

If you don't have a winter sport and are looking for ways to improve this off-season feel free to reach out to the coaches for suggestions. 

Our Recommendations:

#1 - Sign up to work out with coach Gust after school.
#2 - Look into joining a program at MacStrength Aaron has worked wonders for our program and we are lucky to have him as a resource! Just go visit the facility and meet him if you haven't. 
#3 - Shut down your arm for a few months. All players need a few months off from throwing every off season. Swim, run, bike and run sprints and shut down the arm. 

"It won't work unless you do!" - SLP Baseball 2016 Section 6 Runner Up